The Big Change: Physical Reactions:

Recently I went through a major physical change in my life and have decided that I want to keep an eye on the corresponding changes that I noticed in my life that occurred as well. The change was simple in terms of what happened, but also profound and I wanted to make sure that I maintained an awareness as I get used to the change. Since I was in grade school, I have had long hair and always wore it in a ponytail. This was a part of my identity for the past twenty-plus years.

I cut my hair.

Now I am not talking about trimming it back some or changing how I wear it, I am saying that I chopped it all off. I now have a mostly buzzed head with a shock of longer hair in the center. Needless to say, this change is producing many strange things in my life as I adapt to the new situation.

The first things that I have been noticing since making this change are they physical change. The back of my head has been covered for most of my life and now the slightest breeze can be felt. It is unnerving at present to feel these sensations that I have never actually felt before in my conscious remembrance. I have even startled and flinched now and then as I feel something along the back of my head that my brain can’t identify immediately. This has been both a little nerve wracking, but laced with excitement as well. The new sensations are as thrilling as they are surprising and I am finding that I am becoming over stimulated almost constantly. This has tipped my brain into a sort of light headed feeling for most of the day.

In some ways, this reminds me of the slight discomforts I have felt emotionally as xiaoyi and I continue working with our network marketing and I take the steps to have the financial freedom I desire.  An odd discomfort that isn’t really all that scary but that can, at times, make me flinch as I grow into the new skill sets and ways of thinking.  

My morning routine has been odd as well as I have adapted to a very different process to get ready. I once used a brush to get a well-groomed ponytail in place. Now I am using a comb and some water to try and get the unruly hair on the top of my head into some semblance of order. I think I might be changing my perception, so that the chaos isn’t a bad thing.

The reaction of those around me has also been interesting. Most acquaintances take a fast double-take and then comment on the change. Some comment a couple times, but that has been it. The reaction from xiaoyi has been fun though. She has been doing constant double takes and commenting on it again and again. We even caught her modifying her subconscious behavior at home, as if we had a guest over, because that portion of her brain doesn’t recognize me yet. This has been fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing how other people I am very close to react to the change. I haven’t told any of them about it yet and am waiting to see them in person to let them in on the secret.

The physical changes have been interesting enough, but I am really looking forward to the mental changes that are coming, both the ones that I am guiding for positive change in my life as well as the ones that are going to blindside me. It should be an interesting ride.