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The Little Things

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So the first month of the new year is almost over and reviewing everything since the holidays has brought a couple things to mind for me. It showed me very well how the little things can become much larger things in both good ways and in bad ways.

This showed up on review while listening to the daily advice from Darren Hardy in his free “Darren Daily” program. The advice was simple and elegant. As we go about our day we are confronted with choices. When we make these choices we have to determine if what we are choosing is in our own best interest or not. This can be deciding to make that last sales call before you head out from work or if you want to have a second slice of cake before calling it done. These choices create a habit in us that compound over and over again creating positive or negative changes in our lives as a whole.

I know for me, that the choices I made this past weekend where not the ones that would lead to a betterment of me for the most part.  I decided that I would not worry about the low carb diet that I have been on and indulge in those things that I don’t generally get to indulge in.  I ate chips and pie and all those things that are sugar-laden or favorites of mine, all the while telling myself that it was just for the weekend as an excuse for the choices. Having done so, what changes have I put in motion here? At the very least I have created a situation where I will have to apply more effort and commitment into my diet to get back into the flow of it. In the worst case, I have given myself an easy way to stop the diet all together.

Here is a simpler way to look at those choices. When I come to those decisions in my life, I have to ask myself, if I make this choice this way every day for the next year of my life, where will I be? If I don’t like the answer to how my life would be if I made the choice every day for a year, then I need to say no to the choice that once. If I like the answer that I see if I made this choice every day for the next year, then it is something that I should be choosing to do so that I can achieve that end. In fact, it might even be something that I should write out as a goal and start to keep track of.

Now I will move back into my day to day life and the myriad little choices that it gives me and ask myself if I would make the same choice every day as the one I am making now and gauge where I am and where I want to be in that light. It has made getting back into the swing of my diet easier and I will take that choice into all aspects of my life.

What choices do you have trouble with and what are you going to do to make a choice that will compound into something that is an image that you want for your life?


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days!  What are You Doing to Make Yours Fantastic?

I’m returning to my diet.  

Sharing emotions is good?!?!?

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When I got into this business and started learning what to do and what not to do, there was a ton of information on what to say to people. Scripts to use and flows to follow to get people to get excited about what I was talking to them about. I have learned that this is only a portion of what we actually need to be doing to create that excitement.

I am currently taking an amazing course that is all about how to communicate with your prospects. This latest training has opened my eyes to the other half of what is needed to create the excitement and drive that I need to infuse into my prospects. All the scripts and flows don’t mean anything if the prospect is not excited about the product I am sharing.  In fact, my body language and the tone I use while talking to someone has far more to do with them being excited then the information that I am giving them. I need to develop a sense of excitement and urgency in myself that I can translate to my prospect and then I have to take it the next step and infuse my body language and my tone with that energy. I have to give the person I am talking to that energy so that they feel it; they let it into themselves and follow the flow that the energy is creating. If I only give the information, then the person I am talking to have no emotional reason to join with me on this path and humans are emotional creatures.  If I give the information and have the excitement and energy, but don’t share all of  that to the person that I am talking to, then there will be no sense of urgency, no sense of excitement and desire to get into this path right now. Instead, I have to give the information and the energy and excitement all at once so that there is that powerful emotional force driving the person I am talking with to join me on this journey.

For some people, myself included, this is a large step outside of the comfort zone. We have developed the habit of downplaying our own emotional investment in things to create a sense of camaraderie or to fit in. I have developed the art of understatement for the things that mean the most in my life so as not to force them on others or to carry on all by myself. (If you don’t believe me, ask the wife) This is exactly the approach that will drive people away from my path in this new journey. Instead of trying not to scare people, or be overly emotional, I need to stand a beacon of the excitement and energy that this way of life offers. I need to show those people that I am talking to the level of joy that this life will bring so that they can internalize that joy and jump into this life with me!

So join in the joy and share that with the people that you talk to. Get out there and infuse your conversations with the excitement and energy that you have for this way of life and this path so that they can see it, they can FEEL it, and they can seek to have it by joining you on this road!
Life’s Too Short to Have Bad Days!  What are You Doing to Make Today Fantastic? 

I am learning to share my excitement!!!

Life-changing advice and words of wisdom – Tech Insider

Words of Wisdom from many.  What Wonderful things will it show you?  Dominic and I gathered many.

Source: Life-changing advice and words of wisdom – Tech Insider


“Be afraid! And then do it anyway!”

“I was 13 years old, trying to teach my 6-year-old sister how to dive into a swimming pool from the side of the pool. It was taking quite a while as my sister was really nervous about it. We were at a big, public pool, and nearby there was a woman, about 75 years old, slowly swimming laps. Occasionally she would stop and watch us. Finally she swam over to us just when I was really putting the pressure on, trying to get my sister to try the dive, and my sister was shouting, ‘But I’m afraid!! I’m so afraid!!’ The old woman looked at my sister, raised her fist defiantly in the air and said, ‘So be afraid! And then do it anyway!’

“That was 35 years ago and I have never forgotten it. It was a revelation — it’s not about being unafraid. It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway.” – loubird12500

“Everybody is looking for the right person,…..


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days!  What Are You Doing to Make Today Fantastic?

I am sharing inspiration ~xiaoyi

Baby Steps for Success


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            Lately we have been looking at our goals for the year and how we can modify our behavior and our outlook to make sure that this year we actually achieve those goals. The next step in this process is to take small steps. No matter how large our goals are for the year, no matter how far we wish to go, the path there is built upon small steps that, we added together, create the large change.  Therefore, the step for today is to take a step.

            The mind is a tricky thing to deal with, but knowing some of its tricks will help us avoid some pitfalls along the way. One of those tricks is that when we look at a large goal or task, our minds have a habit of getting discouraged, or locking up. This means that every time we look at our big goals for the year, we sabotage our ability to achieve them. This is not to say that we should not have those big goals, but rather that we shouldn’t judge our progress against the entirety of the goal all the time.

Instead, when we create our giant goals, we should sit down and create a roadmap of how to get to those goals. Set out the steps that we need to make every day to achieve those goals. This can be as simple as making 1 additional sales call everyday if we want to increase our sales, our walk an extra 5 minutes every day to help lose weight. Now, when we get up in the morning and start to move towards our goals, we can look at the single step that we need to take that day, instead of the huge goal, and get that step done. A single step like this is easy and inconsequential to our brains and this allows us to get that step done and keep going. The benefit in this is that it moves us along the road towards those giant goals at a steady pace and we are not being daunted and discouraged by looking all the way to the end of the road.

Another tactic to help us reach our goals is to forget about the end goal after you have set out your roadmap. Just forget about it! Remove the temptation to look at that end goal and just focus on the steps that you are taking to get to that goal. Then, down the line near the end of the year, look up from the steps that you are taking and see how you have progressed on your major goal. If you have been taking those steps every time you set them out for yourself and create a logical and accurate roadmap for yourself at the beginning, you will find that you have progressed a great way towards your huge and sometimes scary goal! You will have accomplished what you set out to do without the pain and frustration at seeing little to no progress each day as you compared yourself to that giant goal. Instead, you put your head down, did the little steps, and now are at your goal without all that additional stress and those opportunities to step away from the path.

So what steps are you putting before you on your roadmap to take each day, or each week so that you can forget about that giant, intimidating goal? Maybe these little steps are how you will make today fantastic!


Life’s Too Short to Have Bad Days! What are You Doing to Make Today Fantastic?


A New Year, Another Step

As the sun dawns on a New Year in our lives, many of us are taking a moment to create resolutions, things that we will change in our lives over the next year. The sad truth is that most of us will not be able to hold to those resolutions over the next year. We will say that it is due to one thing or the other, but the simple fact is that our Why for making those changes was not compelling enough to bolster our commitment when things got tough. I know I have been there many times in the past, even times in this past year. It is time for a change!

For me, that change started a couple months ago when, with xiaoyi, we found that our lives where not the ones that we wanted to be living. We made a commitment to each other to better ourselves and our lives, no holds barred, no excuses. That led us where we are now and this blog, creating value and thoughts for others and growing ourselves into something that will makes our lives that much better. So, for me, the new year was not a time to make new commitments or resolutions, but simply a time to look at the ones that I made a couple months ago and reframe them if I needed to make sure that they would  hold strong throughout this next year.  I took time to look at my Why again and decide if it was valid enough, strong enough to bolster me in the hard times.

Something that I just listened to sparked an idea in me that I will be taking into the next year. Instead of making my commitments into wishes, I will reframe the way that I look at them to make them commitments instead. In that vein, here are my New Year’s commitments

*I will create content for this blog 5 days out of every week

*I will create at least 1 video on a topic every week

*I will prospect at least 3 people every week

*I will grow and learn this year.

So looking back on your past years and seeing the wishes you failed out, and looking forward into the fathomless possibilities of the future, what commitments are you going to make this next year? What will YOU do this year, rather than what you will wish for this year?

If you want some additional ideas on how to achieve those commitments over this next year, look into watching the next 10 days of videos from Darren Hardy’s Darren Daily and implement his suggestion for yourself.