Let’s face it; we all have a ton a great ideas and plans for our future that are never realized or acted upon. We dream about these things and feel good in the warmth that those dreams bring to us, but later on down the road we find that we have not even taken one step towards those dreams. They have been a mirage that has kept us where we are and content, a trap that has us standing still. The reason for this is that we keep allowing ourselves to dream about something instead of taking the first step and getting our boots on the road.

Jim Rohn identified this trend in humans as call it the Law of Diminishing Intent. This is a phenomenon that he noticed where the longer we dream on an idea without taking action; the less likely it is that we will ever take action on that idea. The reality is that the dream feels good while the reality has risk, pain and hard work involved in it, so we sit and dream and feel good about it without ever taking the steps to turn that dream into a reality. Then at some point, we stop dreaming on that as the joy has dimmed, but that is okay since we will find another dream to hang our joy on until it to fades away. This is a self defeating trap; to dream and stand still. To avoid this trap, we need to take that dream and actually move towards it so that we are living our dream rather than just day dreaming about it.

The thing that we have to do is to take action, take the first steps towards our dreams. This takes a leap, an initial burst to get into motion and then a willingness to keep ourselves in motion. It is true that we need a idea of where to start towards our dreams, but it is not true that we need to see the entire path to get there. What we need is the path for today, for this week, and a drive to follow the path. As we move along that path and keep our dreams in our heart and mind, we will find that we have the ability to see and plan more and more of the path as we move forward. If we had sat still until we had seen the entire path, we would have been paralyzed by that waiting and never started towards our dreams to begin with. Will we make missteps along the way? Of course we will, but the only way to correct a misstep is by moving forward, learning and adapting. These are things that can’t be done while sitting still.

What dream has you raring to go but you haven’t started because you are looking for the entirety of the path? Take that dream and find the first steps, the path at your feet rather than the one all the way up the mountain. Now take that step, and the next one and the next one. Get the momentum building and adapt your course as you strive towards the top of that massive mountain.

Tell us what that first step you are going to take today is? Are you going to call a lead? Get to the gym? Hug your partner? We want to know!

And if you have a dream but aren’t sure what the first step is, email us at WithTheDrakes@Gmail.com and we will help you figure it out.


We can’t wait to see your dreams and first step in the comment!

-Dominic and Xiaoyi