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Maintaining Focus and “just keep digging”

Persisting Past the Bottom

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     Today has not started out well for me. I got to my normal job feeling under the weather and as the morning went by it just got worse. I was sitting and hoping for the end of the day when it dawned on me that I had not achieved my goals in concerns to my fortune today. So I sat down and started to type on what I was doing to still reach my daily goals.

     The first step was actually using the idea of a “workout” partner. Xiaoyi listened to how I was feeling and gave me support for not feeling well and then asked if I had done my post for the day yet. I had not and the look I got told me that feeling bad was not an excuse for not getting the work done. Without a partner in this to help push me past what I wanted to do, I would not have achieved that goal today. It cascaded as well and made it easier to achieve the other goals of the day as well.

     The second portion of it was my own sense of commitment. If you have read our posts so far or have read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, you will know that the little choices end up snowballing in an amazing way. This was one of the little choices and the goal at the end of the road is what helped me to move past how I am feeling and get those little choices fulfilled. I am confident at this point hat making those little choices happen, even when it goes against my own desires, it what will make the largest difference to me in the long run.

     So what do you do to keep yourself on task when you are not feeling well? Or even when you just don’t want to work on that aspect of your life today?


     I didn’t realize that I had given him “the look” when i talked to him.  I was trying to get him to focus on our fortune over his job because working on our fortune tends to make both of us happier.  I sometimes forget that because of his work hours at the job, he doesn’t get the support of the morning “wake up calls” that I get everyday from MLSP.  

     Every day I get a great 10-30 presentation on how to make our business and ourselves better so that we can be happier, healthier and yes even wealthy.  Sometimes all it takes is a little extra training to make your business a success.  I am glad I was able to help Dom even if it was with “the Look”.  I hope each of you are finding ways to stay motivated and on task as well.  


Life’s too short to have Bad Days!  What are you doing to make today fantastic?  

-I motivated Dominic  ;>


The Number One Thing You Need to be Successful in Anything is TP!

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When it comes to sports, dance, work, relationships or anything else in life you need two things, the T and the P.  Time and Patience.  That’s the big secret.

I often get complimented on how gracefully I move and how lovely I dance.  I am told that I make it look so effortless.  So do the members of Cirque du Soleil.  The reason I dance so well is because I have been practicing dance for over 30 years now.  I cannot guarantee that I did it every day as a child but I do know that even when I am injured, I review and practice dancing with the parts of my body that are able.  Every day even if just for a minute, I practice movements.  And it has taken YEARS! Decades in fact for me to get here.  TIME my friends!  30 years of time so far.

And the other half of it was being patient with myself and my practice.  Especially when I was injured or had a move that was not coming naturally to me.  When I was learning how to do Belly-rolls I spent over a year doing belly-flops, buddha-belly and just plain I can’t get my ab’s to move belly.  I had to, time and again, remind myself to be Patient and keep practicing.  And finally after a year of Patience with myself as I kept failing over and over again, I did my first ever belly roll.  My next attempt was another belly flop but I had proven by taking the time and being patient that I could do a belly roll.  I kept at it and now I can do them regularly and gracefully because I was Patient with myself as I learned and kept trying.

So whether it is something like moving gracefully, earning a degree, learning to cook, earning a six figure income, having healthy relationships or anything else; remember it takes TP to do it.  So give yourself some Time and Patience.

-xiaoyi and Dominic

Life’s too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?


xiaoyi – Why do I do this?

I was asked recently why I started

So now you know why I am doing this.  This is the first of many videos we will be sharing with you as we share our journey with you.


Life’s Too Short to Have Bad Days! What Are YOU Doing to Make Today FANTASTIC?

I am working here at :>



WOW $5K in 30 days FINAL NOTES

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$5k in 30 Days: Day 3

Welcome back and thank you for hanging in there as I worked through the learning curve on this new program. I am very excited about this and I am glad you stuck with me through this.  I trust that you have not only found value in the information I have been sharing and my insights into the system, but you have gone and seen the FREE video?  It is what got me into this system and I’d love to have you join me in the process.

Today I finish sharing the last step of what I learned with this system. The final key to making large amounts of money with online marketing and setting ourselves apart from the majority of online marketers that make very little and struggle every day. The key to this comes in the use of creating and offering returning value. In the course, they make this concept sound much more impressive by titling it a Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel. But that is a very clunky name. By this point we have utilized our capture page to get lead information and utilized our marketing training to get people to our capture pages, all in an effort to get these people to see what we offer and to share a value with them. If they do find the value in what we are offering and purchase the product, then we have succeeded in the first step, but are missing out on the next step to take our earning from meager to magnificent. This is simply to immediately offer people other great values that may interest them as well.  Maybe related products to the one that they just purchased or other courses and information. These secondary offers are usually more expensive and offer a greater amount of value to the person who has already purchased. That value will help to encourage the person to purchase these products as well, turning our single sale into multiple sales for us. Think of it as a waiter offering you dessert. You have already agreed to purchase the meal but maybe you are still a little hungry or that chocolate cake just looks so good you can’t resist.  That is what these “Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnels” do is offer yet another tasty treat to the people we have just joined us in a tasty meal (the first offer) and take it even farther then a secondary product and may offer several tiers of products for our prospects to purchase.

This gets even better when you are an affiliate of a product or system that has 100% profit products as  MLSP does. For example if someone purchases an initial $10 product and then the secondary sales convinced them to purchase an additional $100 in product, assuming a normal commision amount of 30%,  we would see $33 in profit. This is nice, and better than the $3 we would have had if we had not followed up with the secondary sales, but it isn’t the way to have money freedom. This is still small fries. Instead, we want to be offering our prospects products that give us 100% profit, turning that $110 of sales into $110 of profit for us. That is 3 times as much profit as we would have earned otherwise.  How do we find products that will give us 100% instead of 30%?  By finding and joining the right company.  For The Drakes, MLSP was the right company and it does offer 100% profit products as well as the classes on how to use them and the capture pages and everything you need in between.  

This course has been a blast of learning and knowledge and has filled me with wonder as I learned these three simple steps to make $5k in 30 days with proven methods. I am on my way to that now and trust that I will be walking this path with some of you in the coming months! Welcome to the adventure, it is going to be a wonderful life we create for ourselves here. And Remember if you sign up with MLSP you will not only get access to MLSP training and learning but also to anything we learn and share in addition to the great training our sponsors make available to us.  If you research MLM or network Marketing you have probably heard of Cesar Rodriguez and Ray Higdon.  Well if you join on our team, you will have access to their trainings too! Then you can start sharing with us what you learn just like we are sharing with you.  


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?

I’m learning how to get rich!

Part 2 of $5K in 30 Days

$5k in 30 Days: Day 2

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Welcome back to this multipart post following along as I go through a series of trainings and share that information with you. If you missed the last post you can find it here. Last time, we looked at the first step in how to make $5k in 30 days without any start up money or support or bothering friends and family.Step one was the capture page and the importance of an established and compelling capture page.

The next step in this process is to get  people to visit that capture page. The page itself doesn’t do any good unless we can get people to it and do so in sufficient numbers that we have people that are actually looking for our product. This is where marketing comes in, and where most people get into trouble. Too many people in online marketing start learning how to promote their product through one media and once they have the basics, they jump to another media, and another and another learning only the basics of each media. This means that they know just enough of many media/platforms to succeed at none of them. Do you know someone who is a jack of all trades but master at none? That is what happens here.  Someone learns a little bit and then moves on never investing the time to learn something thoroughly but they expect the same results as the person who has learned all the ins and outs.  Then when they don’t succeed to the same level they get upset and frustrated and claim “it doesn’t work” even though it does work for those who learned it thoroughly.  Not only does this scattered shotgun style approach not promote our capture page or products in a sufficient way to actually create traffic, it also creates a sense of frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed as there are countless different platforms to keep up on and try to get people attracted to us and our products: facebook, twitter, instagram, email and hundreds of others.

Since there are so many different platforms out there, I am not going into how to work one or another, as we all will have different ones that speak to us and work best for us and our markets, but what I will say is this: Master your chosen method! Once you have mastered a method, you will be able to drive traffic to any number of products and capture pages on that platform with little to no effort. In addition, you can then use that platform on essentially autopilot. At this point you can now branch out into a second platform without the feelings of being overwhelmed as the first platform is running practically on itself. You will also have a sense of security as you move to a new platform/media because you know that the first one works and will be there for you while you learn the new one.

Training on how to promote and learn social medias can come from many places but we have found the most comprehensive and user friendly trainings can be found  within MLSP Mastery.  The simple amount of knowledge they offer and the trainings the provide are AMAZING. I am working on blogs while xiaoyi is learning how to rock Facebook for us.  The trainings there are very comprehensive and easy to follow.  Xiaoyi laughed when she first started her training because it even shows how to create a facebook page and log in for the first time if you need to start at that level (she has been on facebook for years and has over 1,000 friends on her own page).  

Go and watch this FREE video ( which will give you an overview of what I am talking about in how to learn the platforms. When it grabs you and makes hungry, join me in this 30 day journey to make $5k from scratch. See you next time when I explain the difference between most marketers and those that have true financial and time freedom!

$5K in 30 Days Part 1 of 3

$5k in 30 Days?  Can it even happen?

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Hey everyone, learning from a new training here and wanted to share all the things that I am learning! I hope to cover the information in the next few of days so keep coming back and we can learn this all together!

The program is all about learning how to make $5k in 30 days even if you are starting from scratch with no money or support. Sounds good doesn’t it? Does to me too, so let’s get into it.

The first vital piece of information that I pulled out of this training was the importance of the capture page. The capture page is essentially a website that offers your product to potential client and offers them information about that product in exchange for their email address. This is simple, but can be far harder to create than it sounds and we don’t have that kind of time, so our best bet is to use capture pages that are already proven and compelling. I have found that the best source for this if through MLSP. I know that I have shouted the virtues of this system, but everytime I learn something new in this business I am finding that MLSP teaches me how to get the most out of it (and yes that link is a capture page and it will only share your info with me and xiaoyi). This is the first step in turning prospects into sales and it serves a second purpose as well, to weed out those that are uninterested. The worst thing we can do is gather a ton of leads that when we respond to them, have no actual interest in what we are offering. I found this out in my insurance job. The company I work for did a promotion stand at a local event where we passed out free items to the passerbys and asked them to fill out a contact card for us. The theory was that those people that filled out the cards actually wanted to talk about the products, but when I spend the next 2 days contacting those people, not a single one actually purchase the product; not one actually had interest in the product. It turned out that they had only filled it out out of a sense of obligation to the living person across the table. One of the beauties of a capture page, there is no sense of obligation. The person coming to the capture page either wants the product and therefore sends me their information, or they don’t want the product and keep browsing on by. It weeds out those prospects that are not actually prospects at all. So all the leads I do generate are almost certainly interested!

So that is the first step in this 30 day journey and the step that I started today! If you are interested in joining me in this next few days, go grab this FREE video ( and we can walk the path together!

The next post will be digging into the methods of driving traffic towards the capture page and after that, I will look at how to turn the small commissions we get as marketers and turning them into pure profit!

Three Great Ways to NEVER Run Out of Content


Infinite Content:

As I began doing this blog and sharing the things that I have been learning, I worried that I would run out of content in a month, or a year, or a couple years. I just couldn’t see a way that I could continue the momentum without trying to branch out into other arenas beyond my passions and still have fresh and informative things to say.

This belief was shattered as I sat and listened to our weekly presentation last Wednesday night. The presentation was an overview of how to go about creating a blog and maintaining that blog so that it would continue to give great content again and again, time after time. It gave a list of 10 sources that I could go to get content and how to create the content from those sources. I thought I would share my 3 favorites with you.

As I go about deciding on content, a great method to do so is to find out the questions that my audience has, the problems that I needed solved and then create content to answer those questions. When looking through sources to find content, always keep that in mind.

  1.  Best Selling Books. This is simply a matter of going online to one of the major book sellers and searching for books concerning my interests, in this case network marketing. I look at the best sellers from the search and then find out what questions those books are trying to answer. The number one question that I have found in the network marketing is how to generate leads. If this is a question that you need answered, I would suggest looking into MLSP, it provides a great place to learn how to generate leads and all the resources needed to do so.
  1. Webinars. I go to webinars taught by the big names in my field and see what problems that they are answering. Those are the same problems that I can help answer and I can take what I’ve learned there and teach it. Remember, I have already invested the time for the webinar, I have learned something of value one way or another, so the next step is to get out there and share it. (see I am sharing it now).
  1.  Magazine’s are also a great place to find content for our passions. Magazines spend amazing amounts of money on creating the article titles and the content to appeal to the most people and to guide them to buying the magazine. The magazine doesn’t profit if nobody buys. We can use that work of theirs to create value for us. The method here is simple, I go find the most popular magazines for my passion and look at the cover articles. Using those I invest some time into learning from those article and then I can turn around and teach what I have learned already knowing that the problem I am helping solve is an important one since the magazine already invested so much money into answering it.

If this article was of assistance for you, please join us as we move forward in this journey and create a life out of our passion. Please also leave a comment, tell me what you thought and what you liked. See you soon!


Life’s too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?

I am going to go check out some new books

Ways to Create More Time


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As we approach the holidays, there is nothing more important than having time to spend with those we love. As such, today I will share a way to actually create time in our lives so that we can have more of it for the season as well as the rest of the year.

The method for creating time is a threefold process. The first is something that I can do in my life. The second two are great to keep in mind for my future as well and I wanted to share all of them with you. So how am I going to create time?

The first and most important step for me is simple. Sacrifice time now so that you have more free time in the future. To me, this means finding those things in life and business today that I can invest a block of time in today, so that I don’t have to worry about them in the future. In its most simplistic form, this can be a 1:1 exchange so that we can enjoy time in the future without worry. For me, this means front-loading my work. Finding all the things I need to get done between today and say, the New Year. I utilize the success compression techniques to get that all done in the next week so that I can live through the holidays without those things preying on my mind. That doesn’t create time though, so how is that useful for this lesson? Well instead of just looking for things that are a 1:1 ratio, I need to find those things in my life where I can spend a block of time now so that I can repeatedly save that time later.

Let’s take cleaning the kitchen.  My wife obsesses about others seeing her kitchen a mess. So if we are going to have company over, the entire kitchen needs to be cleaned first.  So one thing I do is make sure that I wipe down the stove top and the counters every time I do dishes.  This takes me about 2 minutes more time than just doing the dishes each week but I have learned that it saves about 2 hours of kitchen cleaning time before I can have friends and company over without freaking out my wife.  Since I enjoy having company about once a month, those 8 minutes I invest in wiping off the counters and the stove each month, creates 112 minutes of time I no longer have to spend helping my wife clean the kitchen that I can spend enjoying time with my friends and family.

The second way to create time is something that again works for anyone and it starts with realizing what our time is worth. To do this we need to focus on our goals. How much do we want to be making from our business on a yearly basis? For anyone that wants success, $250,000.00 a year might be a minimum. Then take that number and divide it by the number of hours worked a year, 9000 for a normal 40 hours a week. This will leaves me needing to make $125 an hour to meet my goal!!! I don’t know about you but I haven’t found a 9-5 job yet that will offer me that even with my BA.  This brings s me to step 2 in creating time, which is to delegate.  Now that we have an idea of what our time should be worth, we can find those activities that we do regularly that does not make us this income. Maybe we simply hire a professional to get all that done for a fraction of our hourly wage, say $10 an hour, so that we can focus on the things that do earn us that $125 an hour that we need. There is a secondary benefit to this for me. I am not an expert at filling or anything along those lines, so it takes me a large amount of time to get those sorts of things done. Someone who is experienced and a pro at it can get it done in a fraction of the time. As an example, let’s say that I have enough filling to get done that it will take me 4 hours to do. This filing is costing me $500 dollars to do, if I am working at my desired hourly rate. Instead I hire a professional at $10 an hour to get it done and due to their expertise; they get it done in an hour. I have just saved myself $490 and 4 hours of time. That means I just created 4 more spare hours in my life.

The third way we can create time is to create structures in network marketing we even create funnels. Repeating activities over and over again without well laid out structures uses far more time than if we invest some time to create a structure for those items. If my wife had to contact me and ask me every week what we needed for groceries and I had to figure it out from scratch, she and I both lose time as we figure it out so we created (ok she created) an online shopping list so that she never has to ask me because we fill it out as we realize we need things.  Once we create a structure, or workflow to use a business term, we can get those repeated activities done far faster since we are not starting from scratch each time. That time we just created with the structure is time that we can be using elsewhere to live our life. Now we have a bleed into the second step of delegation here as well. We have a structure for those repeated activities and a framework for them so that if we want, we can hire someone else to do them for us, creating even more time. (my wife loves the idea of hiring someone else to do our grocery shopping but she is also enjoys doing that shopping so I have no idea when, if ever, we will be able to do that.)

These strategies will allow anyone to get far more done in less time than they would otherwise be able to and that translates directly into my goals of spending more time in the pursuits that I love. Combine this with the Success Compression and I have a recipe to not only create more time for my passions, but to do so in a far more productive manner than I would otherwise.

So where can you create more time in your life, using these techniques and tricks so that you can live your passions instead of just dream about them? Tell us in the comments below.  


Life’s too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?



What Motivates You?


Find Your Anthem!

Fighting traffic and snow last week was miserable until it was completely redeemed when the right song came on the radio.

Not only was the rhythm and all fun and upbeat, but the words resonated with me powerfully. They told the story of the journey that xiaoyi and I have started on. It has become an anthem for me,  an energizing piece that I can listen to when everything seems difficult or when I start to lose motivation or conviction. The song was “Counting Stars” by One Republic. You can find the video here:

I wanted to go through why the song traces the commitment to the journey. The first lines really set the stage for the rest of the song and driving support for our dream:

“Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep

Dreaming about the things that we could be

But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,

Said, no more counting dollars

We’ll be counting stars, yeah we’ll be counting stars”

To me, this sums up what we are doing with this journey. We are no longer living day to day at the pace of the rest of the world. We have taken our fate into our own hands and decided that we would no longer be fighting to make ends meet. Rather we would be fighting to live the life that we want, the one that we thought we would have. We no longer see money as the reason we go to work, the reason our lives are the way they are. Now money is what will give us the means to travel and live, to count our stars. Funny thing here, when I first heard the song I hear the line “I’ve been praying hard” as “I’ve been working hard”. To me, that fits better for the overall anthem of my life now. I will work hard at my fortune to make my life what I want.

That isn’t the end of the meaning for me in this song. All of the song really speaks with me, but these next lines are the core of my belief structure, one that will take me where I need to be:

“I’m just doing what we’re told

I feel something so right

Doing the wrong thing

I feel something so wrong

Doing the right thing

I could lie, coudn’t I, could lie

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”

In our society today, everywhere you turn you are told to find a good job, to work day after day, week after week, year after year so that you can hopefully retire on a fraction of your income. We are taught at every corner that the only way to live the life that we truly want is to “work hard”, but how many of us have worked as hard as we could in a career and found ourselves no closer to the life we want to live then when we started? I know that I have and that I am tired of

  1. I am tired of doing “the right thing” and feeling ignored, dejected, and under-appreciated. The times in my life that I truly feel best are when I am “doing the wrong thing”. The wrong thing in our culture being living my life the way that I want to, indulging in the exploration of life that actually brings me joy and spending my “hard earned money” to travel somewhere fun, experience life from a new perspective rather than saving it to make my retirement that much easier. This journey is all about tearing myself away from the things that the rest of the world is telling me I should be doing and finding the path that will allow me to live the way that makes me feel best.

Finally, there is one more series of lines that holds a truth for me from this song:

“Take that money

Watch it burn

Sink in the river

The lessons are learnt”

This line speaks to me about the entire purpose of this passion that I have dived into. The purpose of this entire model is that I invest time, effort, and money into learning and then use that learning, share that learning to make other people’s life better. In 4 lines, the artist has laid out that ideal and it is 4 lines that I will look at every day from here on out and truly internalized.

So my challenge to you all is this. Go out there and find a piece of art, be it music, painting,poetry, literature, whatever; that encapsulates your journey and share it here with me. I look forward to seeing your dreams and ideals through your chosen anthem!


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days! What are You Doing to Make Yours Fantastic?  

-I found a theme song for my life!