Now where to start? I(Dominic) am a native of Colorado and spent my early years on a horse ranch outside Boulder. Learned a lot about hard work from that upbringing and learned that physical labor was a life path that I didn’t want to pursue.

I went to high school at Fairview where I played soccer and found a passion for my life. During that time playing soccer I was able to go on an international trip to Germany and London with my team. That opened my eyes to the joys and wonders of other cultures and fueled my desire to learn more about diverse cultures.

This lead me into my college career and my eventually Bachelors in Anthropology. At that time I was working the graveyard shift at a hotel full time trying to make ends meet and afford school. It is also where I met my wife and we found a shared passion in the culture and history of China. This passion was cemented for life when we took a 2 week trip to China and toured several cities and dozens of cultural sites. We knew that, together, this is the life that we wanted, to travel and learn about the world and people outside our home.

My anthropology degree led me into doing some contract archaeology work in the south west. It was good time, but I found that there just wasn’t enough cultural change between Colorado and the nearby states to satisfy my thirst for foreign cultures. The time alone and away from my wife, who stayed home, was also a strain on my life.

To try and get back to something that would allow my dreams to bloom, I took a job in Denver selling insurance. I have been doing that for a little over a year now, but the future it holds for me, though stable, does not fulfill my dreams of travel and financial security.. That is why, when my wife discovered and shared with me a new way to travel AND make money, we jumped on it and are starting to build our dreams with our own hands rather than hope the world hands them to us.

If you want to travel with us sometime, please let us know and we would be delighted to have you join us.