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In our day to day lives, many people will rely on Luck to get what they want in their lives. Either they will revel in how lucky they are for the position they inhabit in life, or they will bemoan the rotten luck that they have had as an excuse for where they are at. The reality of it is that what we call Luck is just a matter of a few steps to maintain in our lives. Are you ready to create your own luck?

The first step to creating your own luck is Preparation. This is simply a matter of self-improvement and growth. The more skill that we have in life, the more ready and able we are to take advantage of the situations that we find ourselves in. Then, when that situation does arrive and we are able to take advantage of it due to our self-growth, we find that we have created our own luck in that matter. After all, if you don’t have the skills to make use of opportunities, it doesn’t matter how many life offers you in the name of luck because you will never be able to take advantage of them.  

The second step in creating luck is Attitude. This is where most people will find that they have bad luck. Attitude is simply the ability to see the events in our lives in the light that we want to see them. Is that move to a new office something to bemoan as it moved you farther from the coffee machine and water fountain, or is it a good thing because it increases your step count each and every day? The way that we see the changes in our lives defines if we view things as good or bad. Our attitude can decide if each event is good luck or bad luck.  A lunch meeting runs late.  Is it good luck because now you can enjoy a bit of the lovely weather as you wait for them or is it bad luck because you are wasting your time?

Next up we have Opportunity. Everyone will have events that occur in our lives that each of us can take advantage of. For one reason or another, most people will not take advantage of them and blame their bad luck or their lot in life as the reason that they didn’t. This is because they have a negative attitude and never did any preparation in order to take advantage of these events. Those that have a positive attitude and have prepared will see these events as Lucky.

Finally, we must take Action. Just being prepared with a good attitude when an opportunity comes around isn’t enough. We actually have to take action on the opportunity to feel that we have good luck. If we have done the other steps, then we should be in a perfect position to take advantage of the good luck we have.

I know this formula really well due to my love of gaming. For most of my life, I have seen my dice luck as terrible, to the point that it has become a joke in the groups that I game with. This belief that my dice luck was skewed to the negative actually did something really good for me. I didn’t want to give up on the games that I loved so much for something as silly as the numbers on a die, so I ended up creating my own luck, though I didn’t know at the time that was what I was doing. So I set off to change my luck by first preparing. I would spend hours learning the rules systems and reading guides on the systems so that I could have a firm and expansive understanding of how they worked. Next, I would create ideas on how to take advantage of opportunities in the game to my advantage using the vast knowledge I had prepared for myself. Finally, I would take advantage of those opportunities and excel in the games that I was playing. Even if my dice never rolled above average.

This process allowed me to be a force within those games and even competitive in tournament situations even against those people that had “good” luck. It was a joke that I had to play the game that much better than everyone else to overcome my “bad” luck. The thing that I missed all these years in the Attitude step as I would see the dice luck and attribute it being bad rather than as a sign of the luck I had created myself. Now that I have changed that outlook I find that I consider my luck to be good because I have learned to overcome the vagaries of fate and still achieve the results I want in those games.

This has been a powerful insight into my life and I realize that I can apply the same outlook to my life. I can prepare and take advantage of opportunities to create my own luck. It isn’t too hard if you just take the time and effort to be cognizant of it. I look forward to hearing how this system helps you to create your own luck.  Please share your stories with us in the comments below.