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My wife and I have been on this journey for a few months now and have been excited and enthusiastic about it. It has been a very interesting ride in and of itself and I have found a fulfillment in it, building a life that I want to live. Yet it wasn’t until today, that I really understood how much  of a difference the training we have been getting through My Leads System Pro has done for us. We have been posting for less than 6 months at this point and have seen the beginnings of the success that we are striving for, but it has felt slow and laborious so far, like what we are doing isn’t actually being effective. That changed for me today.

A good friend of my went online and tracked down an old friend of ours from when we were growing up and taking  our first steps as adults. As it turns out, this old friend has his own business and has a presence on Facebook with a blog attached to their business as well. I was  exploring his on-line stuff and learning what he has been up to when I noticed something on his Facebook page for his business. The page was founded in 2008 and has only 1/3 of the Likes that xiaoyi and my Facebook page has in the 6 months since we founded ours.

It came as a bit of shock to me that my page has reached 3 times the number of people as this old friend’s page: a page that has been up for 8 years! I got to thinking why this might be? It could be that my wife and I are more social or that we post more and of better quality, but that is all training that the two of us have received thanks to MLSP. So for me, it comes down to the difference being our investment in learning and applying that learning to the catalyst that drives the change in our lives.

So I ask you out there, is the training worth it? Do you want to be sitting here 8 years from now and realize only a meager trickle of leads and production from your social media presence, or would you rather jump start your dreams with a small investment to learn? I’ll take the small investment every time.


Life’s Too Short to Have Bad Days!  What are you doing to makes today Fantastic?