Whether your earnings are adequate in your mind, or far below what you are looking for, the key to big success is simple. If you want to earn what you are worth, what you should be earning, you need to get out there and get cracking. Today is the day to jump in and get moving!

What we put into things, we get back out of them.  You may think you are doing just that, but if you look around, I bet you are not making what others in your field are; that there is someone out there making more . The reason is, that person has done the preparation that allows them to actually get out of the business exactly what they put into it. They have developed the techniques and strategies that turn their effort into and effective and powerful force that works for them. That is what we each need to do. We need to recreate our strategies and systems so that they squeeze the maximum amount of productivity out of the effort we put into them. This is going to take real investment in ourselves, so that we can perform  at a level that we  never have before.

The second part step is to actually get out there and put those new plans and strategies into effect. We can’t spend all our time in the creation of these things, and then not implement them. They are just mind exercises if we don’t put them into the field and road test them as hard as we can. Some will fail and some will take off, but we won’t know which ones until we try them out.

Finally, we need to assess. We need to sit down and decide which ones stood out as great performers and which strategies only maintained the status quo. This way we can invest some more time into refining those ones that worked to really maximize their effect and scrap the ones that didn’t work in order to create time and room for something better.  Then it is just a matter of rinse, lather, and repeat till we have an arsenal of super producing tactics to storm the market with.

So it is time to Cowboy Up and get those tactics and strategies into place and get them tested in the field. If you are looking for some great training on tactics or just some advice on how to go about this process, look into My Leads System Pro, it will change the way that you hit the market and take it for your own!