One of the keys to communicating with anyone is to be able to make a connection with the person. This includes customers!!! This isn’t something that most people can do without thought or training because everyone is different and interacts with people in a different way than anyone else. Luckily for us, there are some broad categories that we can associate people with to help us better make the connection that we are looking for. Here is a way to think about connecting with people.

First, we are going to classify people into four colors that will help us define the way that they interact with the rest of the world. We start with the Reds. Reds are the no-nonsense, get the job done sort of person, the person that just keeps driving ahead and dragging people along in their wake if need be. These are very straightforward people that want just enough of the information to make a decision and then to keep moving.  For these people, we really just need to give fast, informative answers and then aim them at the objective and let them drive themselves to it.

Next up we have the Blues. Blues are you excitement seekers. They are the ones that are always at the party, always in the midst of the action and taking as much joy and enjoyment out of situation as they possibly can. For these people we need to learn how to connect with that joy, connect them to the fun and excitement that we can involve them in. Once they see the possibilities, they will come along willingly and happily.

Yellows are the emotional ones; sometimes seen as bleeding hearts. These are the people who live their lives looking to better the world around them and really make a difference for their cause or passion. These people can be hard to reach as appealing to their desires isn’t going to motivate them. Instead we have to show how our path will help those outside of ourselves, how it will make an impact on the world and help to improve the world as a whole.

Finally, you have the Greens. These are the people that will get a little interested in something and then create a spreadsheet to start tracking the information that is presented. Greens are very analytical sorts and will strive to gather as much information on something before we take the steps forward. These people are best reached by simple compliance. Get them as much information as they could possibly want and aim that at other sources as well. Then sit back let them take the time to come to a decision. If it is right for them, they will let you know, be assured of that.  I am a green.

Understanding the behavior patterns that people employ in their lives can help us to understand the most effective methods to make a connection with them. Maybe they don’t fit into this color scheme, but they do fit into the previous behavior post that I did. Neither method is all encompassing or works for everyone, but getting more and more ways to see and make connections with people will benefit us in every aspect of our lives.

So what color would you be? How about the people most important in your life? How do you go about changing your methods of interaction based on those people’s color?