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The real key to everything I am doing marketing wise is the use of the major social networking programs to find leads. This has been a vital component to how I prospect and how I sell my products. Without a system for using these platforms, I would be far less successful at trying to reach out to those people that are actively looking for what I have. In that regard I have just done additional training on how to use Facebook ads to increase my exposure and to entice people into making connection with me.

The course I took covered everything that could come up in the course of advertising on Facebook from getting your ads approved to making sure that your ad account does not get suspended or shut down. It even goes into how to read the reports that you get from Facebook concerning your ads and who they reached, how effective they were reached and those sorts of things. But the real value of the training was how to create different types of ads that I could use to reach people and how to streamline that process.

The big way to help in that regard is the creation of “Lookalike” audiences for your ads. This is a system that helps me to create additional audiences for my ads that reach beyond the people that I list, find those who share similar interests and passions. This has helped me to reach thousands of people that I had not previously thought to target in my ads at all. Additionally, this training is teaching me how to use “Native Advertising” to increase my exposure on Facebook and make my ads more effective as well. Finally, it is teaching me to create split image ads so that I can really have side by side tests of what ads work the best for me and my audience and which ads are not working.

There are tons more ideas that I learned in this course and the best part about it is:

You can take it as well!!!

Take a look at Facebook Advertising Mastery if you are as interested in this as I am and together, we will go out and find those prospects just waiting for us out there!



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