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So the first month of the new year is almost over and reviewing everything since the holidays has brought a couple things to mind for me. It showed me very well how the little things can become much larger things in both good ways and in bad ways.

This showed up on review while listening to the daily advice from Darren Hardy in his free “Darren Daily” program. The advice was simple and elegant. As we go about our day we are confronted with choices. When we make these choices we have to determine if what we are choosing is in our own best interest or not. This can be deciding to make that last sales call before you head out from work or if you want to have a second slice of cake before calling it done. These choices create a habit in us that compound over and over again creating positive or negative changes in our lives as a whole.

I know for me, that the choices I made this past weekend where not the ones that would lead to a betterment of me for the most part.  I decided that I would not worry about the low carb diet that I have been on and indulge in those things that I don’t generally get to indulge in.  I ate chips and pie and all those things that are sugar-laden or favorites of mine, all the while telling myself that it was just for the weekend as an excuse for the choices. Having done so, what changes have I put in motion here? At the very least I have created a situation where I will have to apply more effort and commitment into my diet to get back into the flow of it. In the worst case, I have given myself an easy way to stop the diet all together.

Here is a simpler way to look at those choices. When I come to those decisions in my life, I have to ask myself, if I make this choice this way every day for the next year of my life, where will I be? If I don’t like the answer to how my life would be if I made the choice every day for a year, then I need to say no to the choice that once. If I like the answer that I see if I made this choice every day for the next year, then it is something that I should be choosing to do so that I can achieve that end. In fact, it might even be something that I should write out as a goal and start to keep track of.

Now I will move back into my day to day life and the myriad little choices that it gives me and ask myself if I would make the same choice every day as the one I am making now and gauge where I am and where I want to be in that light. It has made getting back into the swing of my diet easier and I will take that choice into all aspects of my life.

What choices do you have trouble with and what are you going to do to make a choice that will compound into something that is an image that you want for your life?


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I’m returning to my diet.