As the sun dawns on a New Year in our lives, many of us are taking a moment to create resolutions, things that we will change in our lives over the next year. The sad truth is that most of us will not be able to hold to those resolutions over the next year. We will say that it is due to one thing or the other, but the simple fact is that our Why for making those changes was not compelling enough to bolster our commitment when things got tough. I know I have been there many times in the past, even times in this past year. It is time for a change!

For me, that change started a couple months ago when, with xiaoyi, we found that our lives where not the ones that we wanted to be living. We made a commitment to each other to better ourselves and our lives, no holds barred, no excuses. That led us where we are now and this blog, creating value and thoughts for others and growing ourselves into something that will makes our lives that much better. So, for me, the new year was not a time to make new commitments or resolutions, but simply a time to look at the ones that I made a couple months ago and reframe them if I needed to make sure that they would  hold strong throughout this next year.  I took time to look at my Why again and decide if it was valid enough, strong enough to bolster me in the hard times.

Something that I just listened to sparked an idea in me that I will be taking into the next year. Instead of making my commitments into wishes, I will reframe the way that I look at them to make them commitments instead. In that vein, here are my New Year’s commitments

*I will create content for this blog 5 days out of every week

*I will create at least 1 video on a topic every week

*I will prospect at least 3 people every week

*I will grow and learn this year.

So looking back on your past years and seeing the wishes you failed out, and looking forward into the fathomless possibilities of the future, what commitments are you going to make this next year? What will YOU do this year, rather than what you will wish for this year?

If you want some additional ideas on how to achieve those commitments over this next year, look into watching the next 10 days of videos from Darren Hardy’s Darren Daily and implement his suggestion for yourself.