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When it comes to sports, dance, work, relationships or anything else in life you need two things, the T and the P.  Time and Patience.  That’s the big secret.

I often get complimented on how gracefully I move and how lovely I dance.  I am told that I make it look so effortless.  So do the members of Cirque du Soleil.  The reason I dance so well is because I have been practicing dance for over 30 years now.  I cannot guarantee that I did it every day as a child but I do know that even when I am injured, I review and practice dancing with the parts of my body that are able.  Every day even if just for a minute, I practice movements.  And it has taken YEARS! Decades in fact for me to get here.  TIME my friends!  30 years of time so far.

And the other half of it was being patient with myself and my practice.  Especially when I was injured or had a move that was not coming naturally to me.  When I was learning how to do Belly-rolls I spent over a year doing belly-flops, buddha-belly and just plain I can’t get my ab’s to move belly.  I had to, time and again, remind myself to be Patient and keep practicing.  And finally after a year of Patience with myself as I kept failing over and over again, I did my first ever belly roll.  My next attempt was another belly flop but I had proven by taking the time and being patient that I could do a belly roll.  I kept at it and now I can do them regularly and gracefully because I was Patient with myself as I learned and kept trying.

So whether it is something like moving gracefully, earning a degree, learning to cook, earning a six figure income, having healthy relationships or anything else; remember it takes TP to do it.  So give yourself some Time and Patience.

-xiaoyi and Dominic

Life’s too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?