Infinite Content:

As I began doing this blog and sharing the things that I have been learning, I worried that I would run out of content in a month, or a year, or a couple years. I just couldn’t see a way that I could continue the momentum without trying to branch out into other arenas beyond my passions and still have fresh and informative things to say.

This belief was shattered as I sat and listened to our weekly presentation last Wednesday night. The presentation was an overview of how to go about creating a blog and maintaining that blog so that it would continue to give great content again and again, time after time. It gave a list of 10 sources that I could go to get content and how to create the content from those sources. I thought I would share my 3 favorites with you.

As I go about deciding on content, a great method to do so is to find out the questions that my audience has, the problems that I needed solved and then create content to answer those questions. When looking through sources to find content, always keep that in mind.

  1.  Best Selling Books. This is simply a matter of going online to one of the major book sellers and searching for books concerning my interests, in this case network marketing. I look at the best sellers from the search and then find out what questions those books are trying to answer. The number one question that I have found in the network marketing is how to generate leads. If this is a question that you need answered, I would suggest looking into MLSP, it provides a great place to learn how to generate leads and all the resources needed to do so.
  1. Webinars. I go to webinars taught by the big names in my field and see what problems that they are answering. Those are the same problems that I can help answer and I can take what I’ve learned there and teach it. Remember, I have already invested the time for the webinar, I have learned something of value one way or another, so the next step is to get out there and share it. (see I am sharing it now).
  1.  Magazine’s are also a great place to find content for our passions. Magazines spend amazing amounts of money on creating the article titles and the content to appeal to the most people and to guide them to buying the magazine. The magazine doesn’t profit if nobody buys. We can use that work of theirs to create value for us. The method here is simple, I go find the most popular magazines for my passion and look at the cover articles. Using those I invest some time into learning from those article and then I can turn around and teach what I have learned already knowing that the problem I am helping solve is an important one since the magazine already invested so much money into answering it.

If this article was of assistance for you, please join us as we move forward in this journey and create a life out of our passion. Please also leave a comment, tell me what you thought and what you liked. See you soon!


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I am going to go check out some new books