There are many ways to market ourselves and the services or products we provide. Enough, in fact, to make our heads spin and to end up discouraged at every being able to master them. The key about there being so many options is not that we need to learn them all, but rather we need to find one or two that resonate with us and becoming a master of only those things. For me, I tried the Facebook side of things and just don’t spend the kind of time and energy on that social platform for it to work very well for me. I have left that outlet to xiaoyi at this point, she is a facebook guru and I had to seek out other methods such as mastering a new type of marketing, article marketing. I wanted to share with you the quick breakdown of steps to work on this idea. If this idea sparks your interest, you can get more in depth training by signing up with My Leads System Pro and if you ping us as soon as you join, I will show you which trainings I have used and how.  

    The first step to article marketing is to find the keywords or phrases that people in your niche are searching for on search engines. You can find free programs that will help you with this, and some paid for ones with a lot of extras. For me, I just need the basic, so I use Google.    

    Step two is to write an article on one of the highly searched for phrases, something that is interesting to you and you can share your insights on. Remember to use that keyword or phrase in the title of the article and use it several times in the article as well.

    Step three is to publish your article on an accredited site that allows free uploads. These sites are easy to find. Just do a search for the phrase and look at the first page of results. Take a look at where those articles are posted and you can find sites that this will work with. You can also find them in the in depth trainings I use on My Leads System Pro.  They also generally allow you to add a couple links into your article. I would recommend links to your personal sites and well as to where you store the same article.

    Once published,  get back links to the article so that it goes up in rank on the searches. This is where an automated program to post the article to online article databases works best. On these things, make sure to have a link to the article itself in the article that is submitted to these sites. These programs are usually a onetime cost and you can find them in the in depth trainings as well.  

    Once you have all these back-links to your article, you will find that it will reach the first page of a search for the key phrase you used and that will result in people reading it and going to your site as well. Easy as that, leads from writings that you are going to be doing anyways.

    I am starting in on this and looking forward to the results. Tell me if you join in and how it works for you!