Self Adversity:

    As we journey along our paths we are going to find times that our goals and our means seem to be very different. We cognitively understand that as we continue on our path those things will come together and be more in tune with each other, but that is hard to keep in mind in the moment when things seems so far out of measure. These are times that we have to not only hold to our path using the skills we have, but we have to turn our insight inwards to help us overcome our inner demons. Only through this introspection will we be able to change our cognitive understanding into something we can really feel.

    For me, this dissonance came in concerns to a car. When I was young I had a high powered muscle car that I really loved to drive. As I got older I change out that car for a more mature and sensible vehicle until recently when I found myself driving a Prius. Not a bad car, but it was not a car I enjoyed driving. It was a sensible way to get where I was going, nothing more. Recently I realized how counter to my goals driving that car was. It did not fulfill me in any way and I had lost the joy I used to have driving a fast and fun vehicle. Since the Prius is starting to die a slow death, I am on the hunt for a new car and this time I plan on getting something that I can really enjoy driving. The problem is that my goal of a fun vehicle and my current means are not matching up. This has turned into a frustrating experience as fulfilling that piece of my overall puzzle to get a fun car and my ability to actually do so that this time are not lining up the way I want it to.

    So I have taken a step back and looked at myself and my goals. I have seen that the goals are going to take years to reach and I need to be focused on them. Since the fun car is a portion of those overall dreams, I can still work forward to that as my current car slowly dies, but I need to keep in mind the scope of things. I have the luxury at the moment of taking some time and being patient as I look for the right car. This means that I don’t need to jump into a car because it is almost right and end up regretting the situation. The end result is what is going to matter to me and I have the time to make that end result one that I want. With this perspective I can combat the demons of doubt and self worth that spring up and allow my patience and perspective lead me to something that is actually fulfilling rather than something that salves the immediate desire and leaves fulfillment behind.

    So take some time and step back from the adversity and demons that are plague you and measure them against your long term goals. Use that perspective to help make the overall journey that much better and be able to handle the potholes along the way that much easier.