Always Seek a Better Way!

    Humans are prone to habits and patterns of doing things. This is especially true when we have found something that works well for us; we end up falling into the process of doing those things the same way every time. This can be a trap that leaves us comfortable, but not pushing us towards our aspirations and dreams. A key to getting to the wonderful heights that we dream about is to always look for ways to improve on what we are doing. This can, and should, become a habit that we all develop as it will see us sky rocketing toward our dream instead of moving along at a normal and steady pace.

    It is easy to see a little success in a process and become content with that success. We can even rationalize that if we look to change it then we will compromise that success and end up damaging the end result. Though that is a possibility, it is less likely than finding ways that we can improve on the methods and increase the success that we see from the process. Plus, even if the new process is detrimental to the output, the old process is still there to fall back on, so looking to improve is always a risk free prospect in concerns to the output.

    Think about it this way, if you do what you have always done; you will get what you have always gotten. This is the definition of stagnation and leads to a life that might be comfortable, but not one that is fulfilling. If we were comfortable with being comfortable, we wouldn’t be going through the process of self analysis and growth and driving towards our dreams. Since we do strive for our dreams by trying something new, it is not within our scope of behavior to grow and improve. This is as true of those processes in our lives that are working as it for the ones that are not working. In fact, it is easy to see the damage of the processes that don’t work are doing to our lives, but the ones that are working are an insidious prospect. Because they are working, we don’t look at them in depth and analysis them to make them better; we focus on the other things in our lives. As we fix the broken parts, we are going to find that they become working parts at the same level of success as the precious working parts, which is to say at a comfortable level. That happens because the things that are working become the benchmark in our minds for something being successful and we stop pushing the new processes once we reach that level.

    We need to push those things that are working at the same time that we fix the broken parts so that our overall success level on our journey is that much stronger and driving ahead. This take reinventing those things that are working so that the benchmark we set is that much higher time and time again. We actively take the comfortable and make it extraordinary. It is time to push ourselves past comfortable and into the realm of our dreams.

Steve Jobs knew this and was constantly saying, “there’s got to be a better way” and he was looking for that way. This is a large part of why Apple became so successful. Everything could be and would be improved. What are you going to review and look at in your life to find a better way?