Collecting Fulfillment:

    Many people look at collecting things such as stamps or comics books as an obsession for material things, as a drive to satisfy the drive inside us with the act of owning something. For me it is far from that idea, from that image of a hoarder or of someone obsessed. Instead collecting is an act of love and a path towards living a fulfilling life. For me, collecting my miniatures is as important as collecting good friends, they sources of boundless enjoyment and time spent in the passions of my life.

    My collection is war gaming miniatures. These are little figures of real or fantasy/science fiction character that can be used in a large game with those friends I also enjoy collecting. The collection is just  a part of the overall hobby the features prominently in my day to day life, they are a source for my time and passion and as such they bring my life a peace and fulfillment that is rare in today’s world. Just collecting these figures isn’t all there is to it. The next step is to actually take the time and effort to paint them up and then the act of playing a game with my friends. They are an entire hobby that takes the act of collecting these items into the beginning of a joyful journey with them.

    The time that I spend on this hobby, from the time spent seeking just the right addition to the collection, to the painting and the gaming is time that takes me away from the stresses and hardships of life. It allows me to delve into a world of wonder and adventure that brings a smile to my face and a contentment to my soul. That time is an oasis of calm and tranquility that keeps me happy and healthy as I move through this chaotic world. The hobby even gives me respites of joy in the middle of the bustle of any day as I take a little time to think about the next piece that I will be searching for, or the next piece that I get to paint up. These are moments that remind me of the joys in life and that the stresses of the now are transient and will be replaced with the joys soon enough.  Finally, this hobby allows me to share this love and passion with those closest to me as we gather to share the hobby and strengthen the friendships in our lives. It changes collecting from an escape from the world into active change to that world, a catalyst to bring that personal joy and peace into the rest of my life and the lives of those I share this with and care about.

The collection serves as a reminder of the good things in life, the positives that can become hard to see from time to time in life.  It is a symbol of the wonderful life that I choose to live in rather than let myself drown in the hardships that life can bring. Those little miniatures with their bright paint are an army of passion and joy that drives out the pain and woe that life tries to bring to me. That is the real key to collecting, it is a contact source of happiness that is always there to remind us that life is something to love and embrace instead of something filled with fear and pain. Those collections are a powerful symbol for the fulfilling life collectors like me live.


-Dominic Drake