Follow Your Passion:

    The world has changed. The ease in which we can get information and to reach other people has made the world a very different place than it was ten or twenty years ago. This change has made a world where we can all actually follow our passions rather than finding some way to survive through life. We can now learn to thrive instead of just survive and we should all take the steps to achieve that goal.

    For many people, this means finding a way to work for themselves and make their own way in the world. These people don’t want to be tied to a job that is defined by others and regulated in what they can do, how they should do it and when they should do it. People are taking advantage of this change in the world to break free of those constraints and define their own work and their own lives. Yet there are still a massive number of people that do not make that break and still follow an outdated form of surviving in this world. Today is the day that we take the first step to remove ourselves from those masses and walk the path to become free.

    There are a couple challenges that we will face as we first step out onto that road. The biggest is going to be our own fear and it will come in one of two flavors generally. Either we will be afraid of failure or we will be afraid of success. If we are afraid of failure, that is just a matter of shifting our mindset and realizing an important thing, everyone successful that we look up to have failed at some point. Failure is not a source of pain and ridicule; rather it is a source of learning and growth that will let us succeed in the futures. By taking that truth to heart, we can overcome our fear of failure and turn it into an anticipation of growth. The other fear, the fear of success, is one that our culture trains into us. We have been trained that those people that are successful are somehow inhuman, that they have no empathy or compassion. This is just false; most of them give back to their communities and the world in ways that most can only dream of. We need to just swallow this fear and push ahead. We will learn when we are successful that this fear was nothing to be afraid of in the first place, but it is going to take an active effort to ignore that fear until it is proven false.

    The next challenge we will face and the most important to understand as we become free of the past world is to understand and follow our passion. We have already discovered our Why, the reason that we want to be free, but we not have the chance and choice to fulfill our Why in a way that is massively fulfilling for us. We can find the things that bring us the greatest joys in life and turn that into a livelihood and path to obtain our Why. The modern world has freed us from the old constraints that might have stopped us from following our passion so it is our challenge to find the method to follow our passion that is most fulfilling to us.

    For me, I love to write. I love to sit down and create stories and worlds from the images in my mind or to share the knowledge and experiences that have shaped me and will shape me in the future. I get to follow that passion every day now and my life has improved immeasurable for that change. Even simply writing for you each day and sharing here has helped make my life more fulfilling.

    It is time to overcome your fears and to find your passion. Today is the day that you can start on the path to become truly free from the shackles of an old world and make your way into the dawn of a new world. I’ll see you there and take joy in the path you take, so please share it with me and the world and if you need advice or support in learning how to follow your passions, reach out to us here at With The Drakes and xiaoyi and I will be delighted to help you.


Life’s too short to have bad days. What are you doing to make today Fantastic?