Consistency isn’t Enough:

    One of the major keys to achieving our goals is the consistency we apply to doing so. This can be one of the major, defining factors to actually getting to where we want to be, but consistency is not the only thing we need in order to achieve our dreams. There are a couple pieces to the puzzle that we need to add to our consistency to reach where we want to be.

    The first piece of the puzzle is to realize our own inherent strength and play to those. We each have talents and skill sets that we excel at in our lives. Utilizing these strengths as an addition to being consistent in our actions will take us father than one or the other of those will on their own. That means that we need to realize and understand our strengths and how they can benefit us. Are we really good at making that initial connection with someone? Are we really good at closing the sale, or are we better at presenting our dreams to others in a way that will inspire them? Whatever our strength is, we need to realize and understand it. We also need to analyize how we can apply that strength to our plans to reach our dreams and make it an active part of our lives. This is going to take some self analysis, but by now we should be decent at that activity as the changes in our lives are going to start with this step.

    The third piece of the puzzle is to recognixe our weaknesses and work to shore those up. For me, I am a lazy person at heart. I can list out the things that I need to get done to reach where I am going, but when I complete that list each day, I don’t seek to go beyond it even if I have the time and energy. Other people put too much on their plate and end up overwhelmed, stressed, and getting less done. We all have weaknesses that prevent us from doing our best or being our best. On top of our consistency and our strengths, we need to learn how to deal with those weaknesses. There are several ways that we can address our weaknesses and each one will likely take a slightly different approach than the last one did. There are many methods to overcome our weaknesses, but the two that are going to occur the most are dealing with them or gaining assistance with them. The first option is the one where we take the time and effort to actually remove that weakness from our lives. This can be an arduous and painful path, but it makes a profound impact on our future lives. The second method may be easier for some and can be just as effective, we can find people to work with that cover our weakness. For me, this is someone like my wife that keeps pushing me even when I want to be done; she is an external for of motivation that compensated for my weakness. In return, I get her to take breaks and enjoy the life around her sometimes so that she has the energy to dive forward at breakneck speeds. Instead of changing that core weakness in either of us, we found a way to make sure that the weakness doesn’t impact us negatively.  This is going to be another source of self examination on what method is going to be best for that weakness so that we can overcome it and even turn it into a strength that helps us along our path.

    By being consistent in our journey, utilizing our strength and compensating for our weaknesses, we are going to find ourselves farther along the path to our dreams them is we only did one of those pieces. It is time to take some time and put our individual puzzle together so that our dreams become our reality that much faster.