I have hinted at it more than a couple times over the past months as I wrote about the journey that xiaoyi and I have been on and today I am going to explain what it is and how it has changed our lives. I am speaking about the business venture that catapulted us into our own self-development and growth as we strive to reach the goals that we set out for ourselves. That business a great travel club and we are both representatives for the business. In short, Network Marketing and our travel club was the catalyst that drove both of us to improve ourselves and to dream for a bigger and better future than we have ever thought we could have.
The club is a mix between a Costco like program for travel and a piggy back for saving for that travel. Essentially we pay a monthly deposit to the company and in exchange, we get access to hundreds of discounted travel options, from a couple day stay in another state to a couple weeks overseas. The packaged vacations are nothing short of amazing with so much to offer that it is staggering that they are being offered at the low price they are. That is step one, discounted travel programs.

Then the deposits, is that the monthly dues, we pay become points at a 1:1 ratio. We can use those points on those vacation packages at a 1 point to $1.00 discount on the package. In essence, we have this membership for free as every dollar we spend on our monthly dues translates into a dollar less we pay on our vacations. This has been an incredible boon in our ability to save for the vacations that we want to take and every since the two of us toured China 6 years ago, travel has been an integral love in our lives. It is an all-around win for us.

There are two ways that one can participate in this with us. The first is as a customer and is just what I described above. The second is as a representative.  For little extra a month on our membership, we have the ability to sign up other customers and representatives, every one of which earns us real life income. And we get all the perks of being members as well. This opportunity has done more for us than I can relate, but I will give it a try.

First of all, it gave us a dream that we could strive for together. It gave us something that we could see ourselves doing and doing well and doing as a team. That has brought us closer together than we have been since we exchanged our vows on that trip to China I mentioned. It has given us a shared goal to strive for, something that has enhanced our lives in profound ways.

Second, it gave us training. Not just training in how to expand the business and make it a success, but rather training in self-growth and self-improvement as well. This training has seen us step outside the old, comfortable habits that had locked us into the life we were leading and opened the door to the life that we wanted to lead. It gave us the tools to become the people that we always wanted to be, and traveling that road is an amazing and intoxicating feeling.

Third, it has set us on the path to have time and financial freedom. It has laid out a road for us that lead to never having to wake up at 6am again to get to an 8-5 job again. It has opened our eyes to a life that isn’t predicated on the next paycheck and if the bills are paid. Instead, it has given us the freedom to earn what we want and on the time frame we choose. That is something that had eluded us up to this point in our lives.

Finally, it let us travel. Since we joined up, we have gone on multiple vacations that we had not been going on previously. It has allowed us to indulge in the love that we have to visit new places and learn new things about the world around us. This has enriched our lives to no end and shows no sign of stopping. We get to live the life that we wanted to live all those years ago and never have the opportunity to do so because we were locked into a culture and ideal that prevented it.

Our lives have changed so much in the past year that I can’t even recognize the person I was even that short time ago. The problems and frustrations of that life have changed and even vanished in the face of the life and dreams that this venture has given us. It has set us on our path to growth and freedom!

If travel is something that you love as well then shoot us an email at xioayi@WiththeDrakes.com and we can chat about our club some. It has been a stepping stone in our journey to our goals and our own self-growth and it could be just the thing you need to push you along that path as well!