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Often we talk about productivity and being the most productive that we can be, squeezing everything out of the time that we have to get things done. Many people think that is all there is to productivity and that being focused and active during that allotted time is what makes someone super productive. This is not always the case. You also have to be strategic about the time you invest in something.

One of the tricks to being productive is to plan things out ahead of time, so that when you get into the focused time, you are ready to actually be productive. It does  no good to sit down in production time and realize that we are missing a few keys things that we needed.  Worse yet, have you ever thought you were being productive when in reality it turned out you were scattered and unproductive?  I know I have.   Taking a little bit of time before your scheduled productivity time to make sure that you have everything is a vital key to being super productive in the time you have set out.

More important than making sure we have everything is taking some time to really organize how we are going to go about our slotted time frame. Having a plan of action helps to keep us on task and focused in a way that keeps us from being scattered and ineffectual. This may seem like taking extra time when what you want to do is save time, but the truth of the matter is that your productivity will increase to an extent that you are still saving time even when that planning time haa been taken into account.

The key here is to plan and not over plan. You need to take the time to organize your plan of attack for that time period, but not get bogged down and carried away so that you are wasting time instead of maximizing time. You will learn where this line is for yourself and your activities, jsut keep an eye on it so that you can be productive rather than just planning on being productive.

Now it is time to organize your ducks and make sure that the time you are dedicating to making a real difference is actually making the difference that you want and need.  Do you have everything you need right there?  Did you go to the bathroom first so that you won’t have to part way through your productivity time?  Have a beverage?  Have your tools all waiting within reach?  Good.  Those are the ducks to put in a row before you start now dig in and get productive!!!