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We have all been told at one point or another in our careers that we should not have any attachment to the response of our customer/prospect. It does not matter if they do not want to buy the product, there will be others and having a strong desire for a specific person to buy is likely to be detrimental to our efforts. That attitude is not always that easy to maintain, but I have found another piece of ammunition to use to help me not care about the answer. That ammunition is simple that a “no” does not really mean “no”, but rather it means “not now”’.

Recently I got a call from a customer/prospect that I had spoken to months ago on my travel club. At the time I first shared it with them and they said “no” I just moved on and continued what I was working without a thought for the answer. As the days and weeks went by and the “no’s” kept piling up, I found myself having a harder and harder time maintaining the attitude of not having no attachment to the prospects answer. When that old prospect called, it was to sign up in the travel club with me turning that “no” into a “yes”. Not only did this feel good and give me a boost as I headed out to continue to sell, but it gave me a piece of fodder for those times that the pile of “no” keeps getting bigger. It showed me that every one of those rejections was just a deal waiting for the right time. It allowed me to view every “no” in a new light.

Now I am charging forward into the list of new prospects that MLSP has helped me generate  and brushing off the impact of the “no” answers as they come. If you are interested in getting a pile of potential “no”s to go through, reach out to me and I will hook you up with the amazing skills and products MLSP has given me, it has been a massive boon to me and will be for you too in getting more leads. What ammunition do you use to fight the demons that start to plague you as you go through a selling slump?


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