Authentic Living:

For much of the time that I have been walking this path, I have been training on taking an active role in my own life. I have been focused on internal, soul searching work, to really understand where I am and why, as well as where I want to be and how to achieve that. I have delved into the actions and inactions that define my life and the ripples that doing these things does to my life. Through all of this growth, I have looked at the far future to see my dreams realized. Today I will let you in on a little secret.

With all this focus on myself and acting in ways that will get me to my goals, I have made a change in my life that I will find outstrips all the other accomplishments that will comes as I live this new life. You can do this too!    I have taken the initial effort to live authentically.  That’s the big secret!

This might sound simple in and of itself, but the repercussions are astounding. Once we have made the change in our lives, to no longer be passive observers, to let our ingrained habits and instinct lead us down whatever path they have decided to take, we change. Now, we have made a paradigm shift in our thinking and are taking control of the ride, we have moved into the driver’s seat on this journey and decided to guide our own lives, our own futures.

This is authentic living.

Here are a few key steps in making this shift. First, make the decision to change the future and  to search  your soul and make changes.  Decided that living paycheck to paycheck and not realizing  dreams of traveling was simply unacceptable and decided to change. THis was one of the big things for xiaoyi and I.  We love traveling.   Second, find your “Why power”.  Find the reason or reasons that will motivate you to continue this change even in hard times, even when the path becomes arduous. Finally, Make plans and take the actions to stay on this new on the path. We have not only taken control of our lives; we are walking our desired and authentic path, but we have also relegated the instincts and habits that had been driving us to the back seat, or tossed them out of the vehicle completely.  We have created check ins so that we can make sure we are staying on course.

This one change is a catalyst in our lives. It changes everything, everyday. We have woken up from the sleepwalking type existence that we had been living in and taken a hand in our own lives, our own existence. This will necessitate change in how we interact with the world and with others in that world. This change probably went unnoticed as we started this path.  Now thoug, our freidns nad family have told us they have noticed the change and noticed that we seem to be much happier with our lives now.  You can do this as well, live your life authentically and  bring it to the fore of your mind for a little bit. Continue to allow it to help drive you towards your chosen future.  You will find that this authentic living will keep you on your path and make is easier to kick the old autopilot to the curb and your life with be immeasurably better for it. Ours certainly is.


Life’s too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today fantaastic?