4 Keys to Achieve Goals:  

            Success isn’t about getting other people to do what you want. Success comes from the mindset that we take into our day to day lives as we move forward in our world. This isn’t just something we can turn on, but is rather a set of skills that we have to develop and practice to get proficient at and master. Here I will share, with you, four keys that will make the process of learning and honing those skills easier.

            Key #1: Goal Setting – This one is simple to understand, but it is the linchpin to everything else. We must have goals that we are striving for, be they goals that of production or just of progress along our path. The key here is not that we need to have goals, it is that we need to make those goals strong and clear. The goal can’t be something that doesn’t progress us along our path, that doesn’t stand up to the trials that we are going to face. It has to be something that withstands the hardships and persists through the lows. Additionally, it has to be a clear goal, something we can actually understand how to progress towards. A goal that isn’t clear in our own minds won’t help us progress to where we want to be. In fact, an unclear goal might even run us in circles as we keep moving, rather than helping us make progress. Keep your goals clear and measurable.

            Key #2: Drive – The drive to achieve our goals is next skill. This is the “Why”, the reason that the goal is there in the first place and it needs to be bulletproof. It is our motivational force that will drive us always closer and closer to the goal.  It has to something so deep in us that we can’t let it go, that we can’t let the outside world tarnish or damage it. If our progress is the measure of how we are doing on moving towards our goal, the Why is the reason we stepped foot on the path in first place, the reason that we keep putting one aching foot in front of the other no matter what!

            Key #3: Emotional Understanding– This is the ability to read yourself and your emotions and see how they are impacting you and your goals. It is the skill that allows us to understand what is going on inside so that we can develop the other skills that we will need to achieve our goals. It is crucial to understand where we are so that we can understand the filters that we are seeing our plans and goals through. It is also vital if to understand how our emotions impact those around us and their reactions to us.  What emotions do you have that help you reach your goals?  Which ones do you find get in the way?  When you are feeling joyful, how do you share that joy with others and how do they respond?

            Key #4: Social Skills– For all of us, even those of us who hang out behind a computer (like me), social skills are vital to our success. They include the ability to communicate effectively with those we work with and those that we discuss business opportunities with. We need to be able to adapt our responses to the styles that other people around us use so that we can communicate with them in a way that they can understand.  A way that they can embrace and move forward with. This can be the ability to train someone who doesn’t think like we do, or to reach out to a someone that doesn’t approach the world the way we do, or simply knowing if we should use geek speak to explain something or break it down into simpler terms then technobabble.  If we are not adaptable and skilled in this, we can only really deal with people with the same sort of filters and experiences with the world that we have, which cuts out a vast majority of the population that we could be reaching.

            These are 4 simple keys that we can develop to reach any goal in our life, 4 things to learn and practice as we move forward in our lives. So how are these ideas going to progress your life and goals?


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