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Most of us know by this point that challenges, formerly known as problems, are probably the single most constant source of growth that we humans have in our lives. If you don’t by this time, I would suggest you look at the challenges in your life and ask yourself if you truly want to be stuck exactly where you are now, in 5, 10, or 20 years. If the answer is “NO” then I would advise you learn and grow past them. Yet, something that we don’t think about when we are faced with these challenges in our lives is that they are also a great source of adventure.

By this I mean that not only do we learn from the challenges that we face and overcome in our lives, but we can take the opportunity when a challenge arises to look for new and different solutions to the challenge that others have not looked at before, or that we have not looked at the last times we looked at those challenges. This is the source of that adventure, an opportunity to take the challenge and step outside our own comfort zone with it to try and find a way to approach the challenge, or solve the challenge that might work better, or faster, or is just more fun than the standard way of handling the challenge.

Let’s take our source of income as an example here since money is a challenge that everyone faces. Everyone in life needs money to survive in our culture today. The standard and accepted method of solving this challenge is to find a steady job and work every day, all day to make the money needed to live our lives. The lives, I might add, that we are spending working and often wishing for the weekend. That doesn’t sound much like living, it sounds like working. So some of us have decided on a different answer, and that answer is internet marketing. This method allows us to have time and money freedom as well as spend our time “working” actually growing in ourselves and improving the lives of those around us. We have taken a step away from the normal answers and found a better, more rewarding, and more exciting method to solve the major challenge of funding facing people today. For me, part of my answer is the MyLeadsSystemPro, a wonderful place of learning and connection that has shown me a path that I would have never seen.

So what challenges do you face in your day to day lives that you can take a little time, invest a little effort and possibly find a life-changing new way to solve? And if it the new answer isn’t life changing, maybe it is more interesting, or just something different to add a little spice to your life for that short amount of time.


Life’s too short to have bad days! What are YOU doing to make today Fantastic?