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When I got into this business and started learning what to do and what not to do, there was a ton of information on what to say to people. Scripts to use and flows to follow to get people to get excited about what I was talking to them about. I have learned that this is only a portion of what we actually need to be doing to create that excitement.

I am currently taking an amazing course that is all about how to communicate with your prospects. This latest training has opened my eyes to the other half of what is needed to create the excitement and drive that I need to infuse into my prospects. All the scripts and flows don’t mean anything if the prospect is not excited about the product I am sharing.  In fact, my body language and the tone I use while talking to someone has far more to do with them being excited then the information that I am giving them. I need to develop a sense of excitement and urgency in myself that I can translate to my prospect and then I have to take it the next step and infuse my body language and my tone with that energy. I have to give the person I am talking to that energy so that they feel it; they let it into themselves and follow the flow that the energy is creating. If I only give the information, then the person I am talking to have no emotional reason to join with me on this path and humans are emotional creatures.  If I give the information and have the excitement and energy, but don’t share all of  that to the person that I am talking to, then there will be no sense of urgency, no sense of excitement and desire to get into this path right now. Instead, I have to give the information and the energy and excitement all at once so that there is that powerful emotional force driving the person I am talking with to join me on this journey.

For some people, myself included, this is a large step outside of the comfort zone. We have developed the habit of downplaying our own emotional investment in things to create a sense of camaraderie or to fit in. I have developed the art of understatement for the things that mean the most in my life so as not to force them on others or to carry on all by myself. (If you don’t believe me, ask the wife) This is exactly the approach that will drive people away from my path in this new journey. Instead of trying not to scare people, or be overly emotional, I need to stand a beacon of the excitement and energy that this way of life offers. I need to show those people that I am talking to the level of joy that this life will bring so that they can internalize that joy and jump into this life with me!

So join in the joy and share that with the people that you talk to. Get out there and infuse your conversations with the excitement and energy that you have for this way of life and this path so that they can see it, they can FEEL it, and they can seek to have it by joining you on this road!
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I am learning to share my excitement!!!