Words of Wisdom from many.  What Wonderful things will it show you?  Dominic and I gathered many.

Source: Life-changing advice and words of wisdom – Tech Insider


“Be afraid! And then do it anyway!”

“I was 13 years old, trying to teach my 6-year-old sister how to dive into a swimming pool from the side of the pool. It was taking quite a while as my sister was really nervous about it. We were at a big, public pool, and nearby there was a woman, about 75 years old, slowly swimming laps. Occasionally she would stop and watch us. Finally she swam over to us just when I was really putting the pressure on, trying to get my sister to try the dive, and my sister was shouting, ‘But I’m afraid!! I’m so afraid!!’ The old woman looked at my sister, raised her fist defiantly in the air and said, ‘So be afraid! And then do it anyway!’

“That was 35 years ago and I have never forgotten it. It was a revelation — it’s not about being unafraid. It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway.” – loubird12500

“Everybody is looking for the right person,…..


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days!  What Are You Doing to Make Today Fantastic?

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