Persisting Past the Bottom

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     Today has not started out well for me. I got to my normal job feeling under the weather and as the morning went by it just got worse. I was sitting and hoping for the end of the day when it dawned on me that I had not achieved my goals in concerns to my fortune today. So I sat down and started to type on what I was doing to still reach my daily goals.

     The first step was actually using the idea of a “workout” partner. Xiaoyi listened to how I was feeling and gave me support for not feeling well and then asked if I had done my post for the day yet. I had not and the look I got told me that feeling bad was not an excuse for not getting the work done. Without a partner in this to help push me past what I wanted to do, I would not have achieved that goal today. It cascaded as well and made it easier to achieve the other goals of the day as well.

     The second portion of it was my own sense of commitment. If you have read our posts so far or have read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, you will know that the little choices end up snowballing in an amazing way. This was one of the little choices and the goal at the end of the road is what helped me to move past how I am feeling and get those little choices fulfilled. I am confident at this point hat making those little choices happen, even when it goes against my own desires, it what will make the largest difference to me in the long run.

     So what do you do to keep yourself on task when you are not feeling well? Or even when you just don’t want to work on that aspect of your life today?


     I didn’t realize that I had given him “the look” when i talked to him.  I was trying to get him to focus on our fortune over his job because working on our fortune tends to make both of us happier.  I sometimes forget that because of his work hours at the job, he doesn’t get the support of the morning “wake up calls” that I get everyday from MLSP.  

     Every day I get a great 10-30 presentation on how to make our business and ourselves better so that we can be happier, healthier and yes even wealthy.  Sometimes all it takes is a little extra training to make your business a success.  I am glad I was able to help Dom even if it was with “the Look”.  I hope each of you are finding ways to stay motivated and on task as well.  


Life’s too short to have Bad Days!  What are you doing to make today fantastic?  

-I motivated Dominic  ;>