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$5k in 30 Days: Day 3

Welcome back and thank you for hanging in there as I worked through the learning curve on this new program. I am very excited about this and I am glad you stuck with me through this.  I trust that you have not only found value in the information I have been sharing and my insights into the system, but you have gone and seen the FREE video?  It is what got me into this system and I’d love to have you join me in the process.

Today I finish sharing the last step of what I learned with this system. The final key to making large amounts of money with online marketing and setting ourselves apart from the majority of online marketers that make very little and struggle every day. The key to this comes in the use of creating and offering returning value. In the course, they make this concept sound much more impressive by titling it a Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel. But that is a very clunky name. By this point we have utilized our capture page to get lead information and utilized our marketing training to get people to our capture pages, all in an effort to get these people to see what we offer and to share a value with them. If they do find the value in what we are offering and purchase the product, then we have succeeded in the first step, but are missing out on the next step to take our earning from meager to magnificent. This is simply to immediately offer people other great values that may interest them as well.  Maybe related products to the one that they just purchased or other courses and information. These secondary offers are usually more expensive and offer a greater amount of value to the person who has already purchased. That value will help to encourage the person to purchase these products as well, turning our single sale into multiple sales for us. Think of it as a waiter offering you dessert. You have already agreed to purchase the meal but maybe you are still a little hungry or that chocolate cake just looks so good you can’t resist.  That is what these “Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnels” do is offer yet another tasty treat to the people we have just joined us in a tasty meal (the first offer) and take it even farther then a secondary product and may offer several tiers of products for our prospects to purchase.

This gets even better when you are an affiliate of a product or system that has 100% profit products as  MLSP does. For example if someone purchases an initial $10 product and then the secondary sales convinced them to purchase an additional $100 in product, assuming a normal commision amount of 30%,  we would see $33 in profit. This is nice, and better than the $3 we would have had if we had not followed up with the secondary sales, but it isn’t the way to have money freedom. This is still small fries. Instead, we want to be offering our prospects products that give us 100% profit, turning that $110 of sales into $110 of profit for us. That is 3 times as much profit as we would have earned otherwise.  How do we find products that will give us 100% instead of 30%?  By finding and joining the right company.  For The Drakes, MLSP was the right company and it does offer 100% profit products as well as the classes on how to use them and the capture pages and everything you need in between.  

This course has been a blast of learning and knowledge and has filled me with wonder as I learned these three simple steps to make $5k in 30 days with proven methods. I am on my way to that now and trust that I will be walking this path with some of you in the coming months! Welcome to the adventure, it is going to be a wonderful life we create for ourselves here. And Remember if you sign up with MLSP you will not only get access to MLSP training and learning but also to anything we learn and share in addition to the great training our sponsors make available to us.  If you research MLM or network Marketing you have probably heard of Cesar Rodriguez and Ray Higdon.  Well if you join on our team, you will have access to their trainings too! Then you can start sharing with us what you learn just like we are sharing with you.  


Life’s too Short to Have Bad Days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?

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