$5k in 30 Days: Day 2

image courtesy of www.modernlovelongdistance.com

image courtesy of www.modernlovelongdistance.com

Welcome back to this multipart post following along as I go through a series of trainings and share that information with you. If you missed the last post you can find it here. Last time, we looked at the first step in how to make $5k in 30 days without any start up money or support or bothering friends and family.Step one was the capture page and the importance of an established and compelling capture page.

The next step in this process is to get  people to visit that capture page. The page itself doesn’t do any good unless we can get people to it and do so in sufficient numbers that we have people that are actually looking for our product. This is where marketing comes in, and where most people get into trouble. Too many people in online marketing start learning how to promote their product through one media and once they have the basics, they jump to another media, and another and another learning only the basics of each media. This means that they know just enough of many media/platforms to succeed at none of them. Do you know someone who is a jack of all trades but master at none? That is what happens here.  Someone learns a little bit and then moves on never investing the time to learn something thoroughly but they expect the same results as the person who has learned all the ins and outs.  Then when they don’t succeed to the same level they get upset and frustrated and claim “it doesn’t work” even though it does work for those who learned it thoroughly.  Not only does this scattered shotgun style approach not promote our capture page or products in a sufficient way to actually create traffic, it also creates a sense of frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed as there are countless different platforms to keep up on and try to get people attracted to us and our products: facebook, twitter, instagram, email and hundreds of others.

Since there are so many different platforms out there, I am not going into how to work one or another, as we all will have different ones that speak to us and work best for us and our markets, but what I will say is this: Master your chosen method! Once you have mastered a method, you will be able to drive traffic to any number of products and capture pages on that platform with little to no effort. In addition, you can then use that platform on essentially autopilot. At this point you can now branch out into a second platform without the feelings of being overwhelmed as the first platform is running practically on itself. You will also have a sense of security as you move to a new platform/media because you know that the first one works and will be there for you while you learn the new one.

Training on how to promote and learn social medias can come from many places but we have found the most comprehensive and user friendly trainings can be found  within MLSP Mastery.  The simple amount of knowledge they offer and the trainings the provide are AMAZING. I am working on blogs while xiaoyi is learning how to rock Facebook for us.  The trainings there are very comprehensive and easy to follow.  Xiaoyi laughed when she first started her training because it even shows how to create a facebook page and log in for the first time if you need to start at that level (she has been on facebook for years and has over 1,000 friends on her own page).  

Go and watch this FREE video (http://xiaoyi.topearnermoneysecret.com/) which will give you an overview of what I am talking about in how to learn the platforms. When it grabs you and makes hungry, join me in this 30 day journey to make $5k from scratch. See you next time when I explain the difference between most marketers and those that have true financial and time freedom!