$5k in 30 Days?  Can it even happen?

image courtesy of www.forbes.com

image courtesy of www.forbes.com

Hey everyone, learning from a new training here and wanted to share all the things that I am learning! I hope to cover the information in the next few of days so keep coming back and we can learn this all together!

The program is all about learning how to make $5k in 30 days even if you are starting from scratch with no money or support. Sounds good doesn’t it? Does to me too, so let’s get into it.

The first vital piece of information that I pulled out of this training was the importance of the capture page. The capture page is essentially a website that offers your product to potential client and offers them information about that product in exchange for their email address. This is simple, but can be far harder to create than it sounds and we don’t have that kind of time, so our best bet is to use capture pages that are already proven and compelling. I have found that the best source for this if through MLSP. I know that I have shouted the virtues of this system, but everytime I learn something new in this business I am finding that MLSP teaches me how to get the most out of it (and yes that link is a capture page and it will only share your info with me and xiaoyi). This is the first step in turning prospects into sales and it serves a second purpose as well, to weed out those that are uninterested. The worst thing we can do is gather a ton of leads that when we respond to them, have no actual interest in what we are offering. I found this out in my insurance job. The company I work for did a promotion stand at a local event where we passed out free items to the passerbys and asked them to fill out a contact card for us. The theory was that those people that filled out the cards actually wanted to talk about the products, but when I spend the next 2 days contacting those people, not a single one actually purchase the product; not one actually had interest in the product. It turned out that they had only filled it out out of a sense of obligation to the living person across the table. One of the beauties of a capture page, there is no sense of obligation. The person coming to the capture page either wants the product and therefore sends me their information, or they don’t want the product and keep browsing on by. It weeds out those prospects that are not actually prospects at all. So all the leads I do generate are almost certainly interested!

So that is the first step in this 30 day journey and the step that I started today! If you are interested in joining me in this next few days, go grab this FREE video (http://xiaoyi.topearnermoneysecret.com/) and we can walk the path together!

The next post will be digging into the methods of driving traffic towards the capture page and after that, I will look at how to turn the small commissions we get as marketers and turning them into pure profit!