Trudging through another day at the 9-5 I find myself longing to fire my boss and step into a new life, a life that is completely about the world I want to live in, the journey I wish to take. As I still typing out another email to a client so that the company can get more money, I get to thinking about the reasons that I want out of this job and what will change once I am able to fire my boss.

The first hurdle I face is the “get to work on time”. Doesn’t really matter how I feel or what the weather is like, I am forced to push through both illness as well as rain and snow to arrive at my desk at a set time every day and when something gets in the way of that, I get to start off the day by being reprimanded by someone who is there for no other purpose than to babysit adults. Additionally, it is expected that I make up that time during my breaks and lunch time, conveniently ignoring any overtime that I have put in over the past week or month.  Then the overall picture hits as review time comes up each year as I  get judged on my performance by how many times that I fell ill over the year. This is not a set of hoops that I want to continue to jump through all the time and the journey that xiaoyi and I have stepped out on will solve that problem and allow me to ignore the weather and be treated with compassion when I am ill since my boss will be myself.

The next hurdle I face every day is the scrutiny of those above. It isn’t enough that I get to work, put in my time and outperform all my fellow employees, but I have do it all in the exact way and method that those above me have decreed.  Errors are not an option in this setup. It doesn’t matter to those people who judge that out of the hundreds of activities I get done each week that I only make an error on a couple, those errors are the source of all discussions and performance plans. It makes it very difficult for me to really care about the company when my downfalls are the only aspect of me that is elevated into the light. On the new journey, mistakes are a source of joy instead of a means of control over me. Mistakes are the more powerful source of learning that humans go through, and since this entire journey is about learning and teaching, there is no stronger tool in my arsenal then the mistake I make.

Finally, there is oppression of the same routine day in a day out. There isn’t anything in one day to pull it out from the pack of all the rest of the days unless something negative happens. When the only times of the day that I look forward to are lunch and 5pm, it creates a listless and apathetic outlook on life. The life of an automaton is not the life that inspires joy and fulfillment in me. I want to wake everyday looking forward to every aspect of that day, not just 25% of it. Getting this new life off the ground and being able to charge into it full time is the light at the end of the tunnel, and I will make that tunnel as short as possible.

Here is a great video of someone who has done just want I want to do and fire their boss, take a look and indulge in the living vicariously, imagine how happy being in their shoes would make you. Then look at where you are and tell me what the energy sinks you deal with everyday are and how your journey will destroy them!


Life is too short to have bad days!  What are you doing to make today FANTASTIC?

as always we appreciate hearing your comments below.