Hey all, hope the world is treating you right today. I just watch a presentation by Ray Higdon  and had a blast. The presentation was about blogging and how important it is to move forward in this journey, but that isn’t what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about is a concept that he presented at the beginning of this presentation.

If you have been following us, you know that I have created a change in my mind set so that everything I do becomes an opportunity to learn and grow. The concept that Ray shared supports that idea perfectly. Here is the success formula.  Don’t be IL(invest and learn), be ILTP (Invest, Learn, Teach, Profit).

This cycle of ILTP is all we need to move through to become a success in our journeys and it really hits home for me. First of, we have to Invest. This is not just an investment of our money; it is more an investment of our time and energy in ourselves. We each need to go out there and invest our time and energy in learning new things,  watching new webinars or training, new readings, new everything. From there, we Learn something from what we’ve invested in, ideas that opened our eyes or just ones that might help to open other people’s eyes.

Now comes the really hard part for me, Teach! We have to take the ideas that we just learned and actually present them to others so that they can learn new things too. When we do this, we are creating content which creates value to the people that we are presenting it to. Once we give people something of value, we begin to build connection with each other and trust.

That is what leads into the final step of Profit. When people trust you, you can point them at the products or services that have helped you so much and they will be more inclined to look into them.

This third step is where most people seem to stop. They invest time and money, effort and energy into learning new things, but they never take them out and teach them. They are afraid of how people will see them, but if you do not Teach, then you will never build Trust and therefore never succeed! Here is me taking that third step and you can do it just as easily!

If you are interested in getting a deeper understanding and a simple breakdown of this as well as a great resource to start building your own blog and creating these connections, take a look at Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert, you won’t be disappointed!


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